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The following people have many things in common. They all have a specific title and role in the company they are associated with. They all had the important task of organizing a convention or an incentive trip or a special event in the last few years. They all needed some assistance in the planning of their respective event. They all considered different Destination Management Companies with established notoriety and who presented them with various program options and prices

But above all, as human beings, they were all looking for a person with whom they could establish a profound trust link.

All the other elements on which had to be based their decision were of course very important. But none of them would have been important enough to generate a positive decision towards the DMC they had to select if the human trust with the person in charge of their event would not have been there.

Human trust, creating a link, thinking alike towards the success of an event is the most important criteria all these people had in common.

  • Ms. Barbara Prairie, Unitarian Universalist Assembly (3500 people)
  • Ms. Alexandra Fitzgerald, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada 2004 (300 people)
  • Mr. Vincent Bernier, World Whool and Sheep Convention 2004 (800 people)
  • Ms. Yvan Lachance, World Chambers of Commerce convention 2003 (1000 people)
  • Ms. Dominique Bouchard, International Institute of Ombudsman 2004 (800 people)
  • Ms. Johanne Leduc, Astrazeneca (150 people)
  • Ms. Gayle Garas, Navigant Performance Group – TEVA (80 people)
  • Ms. Julie Munch, Navigant Performance Group (100 people)
  • Ms. Karen Salviato, Navigant Performance Group (60 people)
  • Mr. Sean Dempsey, Atlantis Creative Group (100 personnes)
  • Ms. Isabelle Bégin, Whyet (2 x 60 people)
  • Ms. Gloria Parsley, The American Bioelectromagnetic Society (500 people)
  • Ms. Elizabeth Houston , American Society for Microbiology (300 people)
  • Ms. Janice Calderwood, Disney World Resorts (250 people)
  • Ms. Carla Battle, American Society of Photobiology (150 people)
  • Mr. Bruce Wilkie, International Society of Veterinary Immunology 2004 (800 people)
  • Ms. Danielle Hébert, Ordre des CGA du Québec (1000 people)
  • Mr. Tran Trieu Quan, International Teakwon-Do Federation (800 people)
  • Ms. Ellen Gueller, American College on problems of Drug Dependance (500 people)
  • Ms. Tina Haslett, Sailor Travel(500 people)
  • Ms. Dominique Bouchard, International Institute of Ombudsman 2004 (800 people)
  • Mr. Marco St-Pierre, Julien (400 people)
  • Mr. Richard Ballantine, Pengrowth Management (400 people)
  • Ms. Joanne St-Pierre, Canadian Association of Actuaries (400 people)
  • Ms. Isabelle Marquis, SPEQM-Bio Agro Contact (300 people)
  • Mr. Steeve Dasilva, Canadian Oil Heat Association (300 people)
  • Mr. John Hamilton, The Travel Corporation (250 people)
  • Ms. Doris Anger, American Airport Executives convention (250 people)
  • Mr. Pierre Fournier, Multi-Prêts Hypothèque (250 people)
  • Ms. Louise Marois, Aeterna (250 people each)
  • Ms. Cara Hicks, CAA Travel (250 people)
  • Mr. Jean Migneault, Canadian Fraternal Association (200 people)
  • Mr. David Randall, International Salvage Union (200 people)
  • Ms. Rita Afeltra, Canadian Fertilizer Institute (200 people)
  • Mr. Francis Raveneau, SPEQM (200 people)
  • Mr. André Beauchemin, Centre de défense de Valcartier (CRDV), (200 people)
  • Ms. Marie-Josée Crête, Canadian Association of Optometrists (200 people)
  • Ms. Vivianne Marcotte, Canadian Property Tax Association (200 people)
  • Mr. Éric Rousseau, Physiome 2002 – International convention (150 people)
  • Ms. Kathy Larson, Masterplan Alliance – USA (150 people)
  • Ms. Johanne Leduc, Astrazeneca (300 people)
  • Ms. Christine Dubé, Groupe Océan (150 people)
  • Ms. Sue Mckinley, CTR for Polution Prevention (100 people)
  • Mr. Marc Fugère, Mobilflex (75 people)
  • Ms. Annie Gagnon, International meeting on Gene expression (60 people)
  • Ms. Johanne Chabot, SSQ-Groupe Financier (30 people)
  • Ms. Sylvia Smith, The Federation of Medical Licensing Authorities of Canada (150 people)
  • Ms. Jo-Ann Roy, Ass. Technique - pâtes et papiers du Canada (250 people)
  • Ms. Jennifer Goodwin, New England Journal of Medicine (200 people)
  • Ms. Lori Udell, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (200 people)
  • Ms. Jaime Keating, BBI International (300 people)
  • Mr. Jean Gaudreau, Garant – Ames Hardware (70 people)
  • Ms. Marie-Josée Linteau, Conseil Canadien des Marchés Publics (400 people)
  • Ms. Erin Gallagher, North American Horticultural Supply Association (250 people)
  • Ms. Melissa Ruozzi, New England Water Works Association (200 people)
  • Mr. Raynald Ferland, Association D’oto-rhino-laryngologie du Québec (300 people)

Some of these people wrote to us about their satisfaction...

"Your staff was very personable. You have an eye for detail and your knowledge about different events and activities in Québec City and the area is impressive".

- Sylvia Smith
The Federation of Medical Licensing Authorities of Canada

"Your dedication and professionalism, as well as that of your staff, made everything run smoothly, on time and within budget".

- Joanne Godin
Standard Life

"Thank you for all of your hard work, suggestions, and ongoing effort".

- Erin E. Gallagher
North American Horticultural Supply Associations

"Initially I was impressed with you enthusiasm for your work and I see you and your staff back up that enthusiasm by doing an excellent job".

- Nancy Chapman,
International Brotherhood of Teamsters

"Your coordination was first rate, the entertainers you selected were superb and logistical support for our excursion was nothing short of amazing".

- Richard Bellantine
Pengrowth Management Limited

Others are waiting for your call to do so...

Here are some people who have accepted that we give their names as refereals. Please do not hesitate to contact them to get a better understanding of the quality of our services.

Mr. Steeve Dasilva
Canadian Oil Heat Association
1-800-314-1112, poste 6667

Ms. Christine Dubé
International Salvage Union

Ms. Jo-Ann Roy
Canadian association of Pulp and Paper

Ms. Johanne Leduc
1-800-770-7798 ext 228

Mr. Marc Fugère

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