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Human trust, creating a link, thinking alike towards the success of an event is the most important criteria our clients share with us.

The creative programs we develop in cooperation with you will be carried out with the flair expected from a professional DMC: Octopus DMC.

Octopus DMC is a modern company and by that we mean that we are open-minded and flexible. We don't try to force a program on our clients; we adapt our products to your criteria and budget.

On the field as well as in the office, we put all of our energies into ensuring the success of your program with a youthful vitality and enthusiasm.

Rapid response to your requests, systematic attention to detail, and immediate handling of the unexpected are all a part of our expertise.

Quebec City is renowned for its history, elegance and refinement. We offer "taste" in all its forms: flavour, culture, discernment, grace and variety.

Octopus DMC is not satisfied to offer merely good or even very good products. Our aim is nothing less than excellence -- in the selection of our team, our suppliers, and the latest technological advantages.

We understand that you don’t want your incentive programs to limit themselves to city tours and the theme evening classics. At Octopus DMC, we continually challenge ourselves in order to produce "novel & creative" programs. We take special pride in our ability to discover different and exciting venues and entertainment acts that will transform those first impressions into lasting memories.

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