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Evening Programs, Decor and Entertainment
More then mere events, Octopus DMC designs unique environment to reach delegates.

Many audiences have become very sophisticated about evening programs. We must capture their attention, entertain them, and make them feel emotions. The true value of a well-done evening program is when people are moved to laughter, to tears, or to simply have new thoughts or ideas. Octopus DMC produces events that make an emotional impact and that are worth their investment, and yours.

Octopus DMC also operates its own decor company. Our design team adds to the spirit of the evening by creating unforgettable visual impact to give your event the JDM* factor.

Octopus DMC will design, produce and supervise your evening program: gala, banquet, awards night, "fun" night, dine-around, press party, product launch or employee gathering.

You can count on Octopus DMC’s professional evening program expertise to make sure your group will attend an unforgettable, unique, and pleasurable event.

(*) Jaw Dropping Moment

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